Course Online Marketing

Course content
In four half-days, course participants will learn about the possibilities of Online Marketing.
Through teaching material and (classroom) conversations, participants will be able to better decide what online channels are suitable for their online business promotion.
The course focusses on sharpening target audiences and online goals.

Course topics
Day 1:
What is Online Marketing
Determining target audiences and online goals: who are you addressing and what is your goal.
Sharpening target audiences: create customer/buyer persona, insight into hidden needs of (potential) customers.
Objective: what do you want to achieve online with your website or Social Media activities.
Sharpening your online goals per online channel.
Message: how do you communicate clearly and consistently online with your (potential) customer.
Day 2:
Online channels: which are suitable for you, where is your target audience and what is your goal for a specific channel.
Focus on website, email, blogging/vlogging and advertising.
Day 3:
Social Media channels: which are suitable for your, where is your target audience and what is your goal for a specific channel.
Focus on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube
Ideas for Social Media Topics.
Day 4:
What is an effective website from an Online Marketing point of view: conversion.
Examples of websites: participants evaluate websites from a (potential) customer’s point of view.

Target audience
Anyone who wants to promote their business or activities online and needs more insight on how to do this in an efficient and effective way.

Course level
Basic knowledge of computer/internet use.

Course duration
Four half days in four weeks.

Course objective
The cours aims to provide insight into the many online promotional possibilities. After the course, the participant has a clearer picture of his/her target audience and their own online objectives.
This insight also provides a more relevant message for target audiences.

Course participant
Potential (starter) and established entrepreneurs.

Study load
Four half-days of course and at least three half-days of homework based on the course presentations.

Starting level
Basic education

Course material
Course material included in course.
To follow the course it is necessary to have access to a laptop/pc with internet access.

Practical information

Duration: four half-days
Location: STOA or online
Max number of participants: 8
Teacher: Nik Boersma
Investment: € 400 (excl. 21% VAT)

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