Course Website building with WordPress

Course content
In four half days, course participants will learn how to build a simple website with WordPress.
Prior to the course, participants receive a step-by-step plan for domain registration name and webhosting subscription.

Course topics
Day 1:
Explanation of how domains and webhosting works and, if necessary, help with domain registration and webhosting;
Create email addresses connected to the domain/website;
Privacy legislation: SSL security, Cookie notification and Privacy Statement;
Website elements: the general setup of a website;
What is WordPress and how does it work: terminology;
Website plan: participant target group, website goal, website structure, content and look&feel.
Day 2:
WordPress settings;
Create web pages and navigation menu;
Installment of necessary plugins such as security and cookies plugins;
Images: formats and naming;
Create blog system and use of widgets.
Day 3:
Website design: WordPress themes;
What is a theme, how does it work and what should you consider in choosing a theme;
Choice of theme and settings (Customizer).
Day 4:
Contact form and links to Social Media profiles;
Pages: Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions;
Desired additional plugins, eg for an image gallery;
Questions time.

Target audience
Anyone who needs a (company) website and wants to build and manage it themselves.

Basic knowledge of computer/internet use. Website building skills not required.

Four half days in four weeks.

Course goal
After following the course, the participant has created a simple website and has sufficient basic knowledge to manage and further develop their website.
When the participant decides to outsource the further development of their website, they will have sufficient basic knowledge for explaining their website requirements and wishes to a third party.

Course participant
Potential (starter) and established entrepreneurs.

Course load
Four half-days of course and at least three half-days of homework: website plan and practice.

Course initial level
Basic education.

Course material
Course material included in course (first course day only).
To follow the course it is necessary to have access to a laptop/pc with internet access.

Practical information

Duration: four dayparts
Location: STOA or Online (Zoom)
Max number of participants: 6
Teacher: Nik Boersma
Investment: € 400 (excl. 21% VAT)

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