Course ZZP Bookkeeping and Taxes

Course content
In three half-days, the student gains insight into the many possibilities and obligations as an entrepreneur. During lesson 1, the possibilities are discussed and the wishes and requirements of the student are mapped out. After the first lesson, the student can think further about what is the best solution for him/her. During lesson 2, the chosen solution is further discussed for each student: how to get started now. Lesson 3: Liquidity and control.

Course topics
Day 1: What do I bring as an entrepreneur and how do I record the financial consequences of this.
Why do I record financial matters?
Day 2: On the questions that emerged during day 1Financial and tax obligations of the entrepreneur, we will focus on VAT (BTW in Dutch)
Day 3: Questions following day 2, This day we will mainly focus on incometax (IB in Dutch) Liquidity and the consequences for the size and growth of the company. Choices to be made by the entrepreneur.

Target audience
Anyone who wants to start a business and needs insight into the many financial and tax possibilities.

Course level
Basic knowledge of Dutch.

Course duration
Three half-days in three weeks.

Course objective
After following the course, the participant has insight into the various possibilities, knows what is involved when you start a business. Participant can start setting up an administration for a company and gain insight into what tax obligations there are.

Course participant
Potential (starter) and established entrepreneurs.

Study load
Three half-day workshops and at least three half-days of homework.

Starting level
Primary education.

Course material
Material included in course. In order to follow the course, it is necessary to have access to a notebook and a pen. Requirements for this workshop are a laptop with a functioning version of Excel on it.

Practical Information

Duration: three half-days
Location: STOA
Max number of participants: 6
Teacher: Gerard Winkel
Investment: € 300,- (excl. 21% VAT)

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Startdatum Aanmelden
27 september 2023
09:30 - 12:30
ZZP Bookkeeping and Taxes (classroom) - 3 half-days
Lokatie - STOA, Amsterdam